When LeBron James sent the Lakers-Spurs game last night into overtime with a deep three, it didn’t take long for people to notice something almost went very wrong.

You can’t quite catch it in that video, but here’s a better look:

The refs obviously weren’t going to give LeBron the tech for a nonexistent timeout in that situation, and he seemed to remember the lack of timeouts pretty quickly. (Perhaps his instinct in the wake of the Game 1 debacle is to call timeout regardless.)

But hey, in the moment, it’s an understandable mistake, and it was tough to catch live even for commentators. But after the game, as Chris Webber was running through the highlights on NBA TV, he wondered aloud whether the Lakers wanted to call a timeout there. Chris Webber.

It’s actually pretty understandable from Webber, who is essentially just calling the highlight here. But if there’s one thing Chris Webber probably doesn’t want to mix up, it’s how many timeouts a team has (or doesn’t have) remaining.

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