The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 110-102 on Wednesday night in Cleveland to take a 3-0 lead in the NBA Finals.

The Cavs’ defensive effort and (lack of) in-game defensive adjustments were brought up by NBATV’s Casey Stern after the game, and Charles Barkley went as far to say that he’s never seen a team as dumb as the Cavs in his life.

Barkley literally said, “I’ve never seen a team that dumb in my life.”

Disappointing and not good enough especially in the *NBA Finals*? Absolutely. Dumbest team in Chuck’s life? That’s probably just a tad extreme and he may want to go back and watch the Phoenix Suns — his former team — try to play defense this season.

But, we know Chuck likes his extreme takes, and he continued to prove that later in the postgame show. When asked if the Cavs have a chance to avoid the sweep, Barkley said, “Slim to none and slim got shot yesterday.”

Casey Stern: “Everybody on set think [the series] is definitely going to be a sweep? Any chance? Do the Cavs have any chance?”

Charles Barkley: “Slim to none and slim got shot yesterday. This is a wrap, brother.”


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