Jayson Tatum complains about a call, via Bally Sports.

Atlanta Hawks play-by-play announcer Bob Rathbun provided yet more proof Monday night that Iowa star Caitlin Clark has transcended women’s college basketball to become a cultural phenomenon.

The Bally Sports South announcer was calling the Hawks’ win over the Boston Celtics when, late in the fourth quarter, Boston star Jayson Tatum went for a steal but got called for a foul.

Tatum promptly complained to the official, and Rathbun quickly pounced.

“Boy, Jayson Tatum does a lot of complaining. Who does he think he is, Caitlin Clark?” Rathbun quipped.

Bally Sports South color analyst Dominique Wilkins laughed heartily at Rathbun’s quip.

“Oh man, that’s good,” Wilkins said.

“Caitlin Clark was complaining so much, her dad got on her, in the tournament in the stands,” Rathbun continued. The veteran broadcaster referenced Saturday’s NCAA Tournament game between Iowa and Holy Cross, where Clark’s father, Brent, was caught on camera in the stands yelling for her to stop complaining.

By the way, Clark scored 32 points Monday night to key No. 1 seed Iowa to a win over West Virginia.

It’s almost unheard of for an announcer to compare an NBA star to a women’s college basketball player, but Rathbun went there, and fans loved it.

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