Randy Johnson hitting a bird.

There aren’t many actual sports on right now thanks to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but there’s still sports history. And Tuesday marked the 24th anniversary of one of baseball’s most unforgettable moments, then-Arizona Diamondbacks’ pitcher Randy Johnson hitting and killing a bird (a mourning dove) with a fastball during a spring training game. Well, freelance broadcaster Wes Blankenship brought a unique take to that on Twitter, providing a video of how famed actor Matthew McConaughey might discuss that:

“Sometimes in life, you’re Randy Johnson. Sometimes, you’re the bird. And sometimes, you’re the guy at the plate bearing witness to something that was previously incomprehensible. So today on this anniversary of the time the Big Unit delivered big pain to our fine feathered friend here, it’s a good reminder. When you fly around the infield of life, be cognizant. Keep your head on a swivel. Or risk taking a two-seam fastball to the beak when somebody else is up to bat.”

That’s a very good impression of McConaughey, especially from his True Detective appearances and Lincoln commercials. (It should also be noted that the “guy at the plate” is Calvin Murray, Kyler Murray’s uncle.) And it’s a fitting way indeed to commemorate this anniversary.

[Wes Blankenship on Twitter, top screengrab via Forbes]

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