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Former TMZ cameraman Adam Glyn has brushed shoulders with some of the biggest names in sports, forging relationships—both good and bad—with MLB All-Stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. As a lifelong New York Yankees fan, Glyn was careful to never bother Jeter on game day, fearful of causing any distraction that might interfere with his routine.

“I’m a little bit biased when it comes to the Yankees. I’ve always been very, very good to Jeter,” Glyn told Jessica Kleinschmidt on her podcast Short and to the Point, which debuted earlier this month. “I would get tips on Derek Jeter all the time when he played for the Yankees but I never wanted to bother him because I didn’t want him to have a bad game and be like, ‘That guy in the media got in my head.’”

Glyn has found it easier to approach Jeter now that his playing days are over, describing their relationship as one of mutual respect.

“Now that he’s not playing, I’ve gotten him a bunch of times and he knows what I do and he’s very cool, he’s very nice. He’s very understanding of what I do,” said Glyn. “And I told him that. I was like, ‘Derek, I would get tips you were at Starbucks every day before your games. I knew your morning schedule before you [went] to Yankee Stadium and I never bothered you.’”

Glyn’s interactions with A-Rod early in his career weren’t particularly friendly, though their relationship would later improve, with Rodriguez eventually growing more tolerant of paparazzi, perhaps as a result of dating Jennifer Lopez from 2017 to 2021.

“I didn’t have the best experiences with A-Rod, when I first started. We used to, I wouldn’t say butt heads with me, but he wasn’t a fan of what I did. But now he’s just been around where he kind of understands it,” Glyn admitted. “But now we’ve kind of—I mean I’m not friends with him by any means—but if we see each other, we’re civil. Like he understands what I do, he respects what I do. Maybe it’s from his relationships in the media. I mean the guy was with the biggest singer in the world who embraces the paparazzi and cameras in her face.”

Asked if the “tabloid” label has been an impediment to his career, Glyn sees it as a double-edged sword, speaking to TMZ’s polarizing reputation within mainstream media. “It opened the door in some ways and closed the door in some ways,” said Glyn, who hosts his own podcast, Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt. “The stories they do, they’re meant to bring in viewers. They’re a business. They’re trying to bring in viewers and it’s a news site. They want clicks. They need to make money.”

Be on the lookout for Glyn and Kleinschmidt’s full conversation when a new episode of Short and to the Point drops later this week.

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