Petco Park has a strong argument for being the best stadium in the majors. A night out there is almost guaranteed to have good weather, it’s downtown (and, as it’s San Diego, basically on the water), great food options, and a wonderful view.

And this year, you’re probably guaranteed to see some fun baseball, too, because the Padres are probably going to be entertaining, and possibly even outright good.

Perhaps to celebrate their likely on-field refresh, the Padres have added a new feature: an Anchorman-themed mascot race. It’s exactly what it sounds like, with Ron Burgundy (last seen calling hockey), Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland, and Champ Kind. Here was the inaugural race from last night:

It’s a nice nod to the San Diego roots of the Anchorman characters, and stadium races are never a bad thing.

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