John Kruk causes Bryson Stott to tear up Photo credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia

John Kruk might not be known for his interview prowess, but maybe that’s just because no one ever realized he’s capable of being the next Barbara Walters.

Kruk and play-by-play voice Tom McCarthy were on the call for the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training game against the Toronto Blue Jays Sunday afternoon. During the game, they welcomed Phillies second baseman Bryson Stott onto the broadcast for an interview from the dugout and it was a question from Kruk that elicited some tears.

“You played in the World Series your rookie year, last year you went to Game 7 of the NLCS,” Kruk noted to set up his question. “Is the best feeling you’ve ever felt in your life was when she squeezed your finger for the first time?”

Last November, Stott shared news that he and his fiancé Dru White welcomed their baby daughter into the world with a social media post announcing, “She’s here!” Needless to say, yes, becoming a parent was a better feeling for Stott than getting to the World Series.

Stott responded to Kruk’s question with a wholesome smile and a “Yeah,” before he immediately became emotional. “Sorry,” Stott said as he got a little choked up. “Yeah, there’s no better feeling.”

“You’re gonna be a hell of a dad, my friend,” Kruk said after witnessing Stott’s emotions.

Kruk is on the Phillies broadcast to offer baseball analysis and provide some comedic relief, but if the former first baseman can stir up that kind of emotion during an in-game Spring Training interview, maybe he’s being underutilized.

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