Before Tuesday's game against the Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles broadcasters Kevin Brown and Ben McDonald welcomed some special guests. Photo Credit: MASN Photo Credit: MASN

Throughout an MLB season, you’ll see any number of promotional giveaways or events, designed to get as many fans into the ballpark for as long as possible.

While some of the promotions can be hit or miss, a big hit that most teams have adapted at this point is Bark at the Park.

Bark at the Park is simple. Fans are invited to bring their dogs to the game, generally having a chance to interact with other dogs, go on the field, and much more.

Tuesday night at Camden Yards, it was the Baltimore Orioles’ turn to run the promotion, and their broadcasters kicked it up a notch, inviting some furry friends into the booth with them for the pregame show.

“If you’re thinking about adopting a puppy, this is proof that you can, in fact, own a dog and still do your job. We’re gonna do a regular baseball open. We’re gonna talk about home runs,” announcer Kevin Brown said before throwing to a graphic and continuing his breakdown of Baltimore’s success with the longball so far this season.

Then, color commentator Ben McDonald showed up, also holding a dog to continue the conversation.

Brown ended the segment on a lovely note, reminding viewers that the dogs in the booth are both looking for a happy home and adoptable.

[Photo Credit: MASN]