Freddie Freeman narrated his own trip around the bases.

We’ve seen some fun mic’d up moments in MLB spring training and the All-Star Game before, from Mookie Betts calling play-by-play while catching a fly ball to George Springer’s interview while playing. Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves provided another good one Friday on ESPN’s telecast of the Braves’ spring training game against the Boston Red Sox  (a telecast featuring new ESPN analyst and long-time Brave Chipper Jones), mocking his lack of speed and how the Red Sox weren’t concerned with keeping him on first, then narrating his trip around the bases to score from first on a single:

There are some great lines in there, from “I can’t run, he’s not even holding me on” to “I do have my own steal signal over here, Chipper; he yells at me and I just run” to the actual running. “Oh, watch this! There’s the wind, boys, there’s the wind!” And the next half inning, the announcers made fun of Freeman for being out of breath:

“Come on, guys! I was going fast!” Yes you were, Freddie, yes you were.

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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