Liam Hendriks with the White Sox.

When it comes to profanity in sports, Liam Hendriks has often come up. That has sometimes been about his team rather than him, but he’s had his own profanity-filled moments caught on mics (perhaps especially one at last summer’s All-Star Game). And the latest thing there came from Chicago White Sox anchor Chuck Garfien asking White Sox reliever Hendriks about one of his famed mic’d-up swearing moments:

Garfien says “And I’ve got a quote from you, you had a bad pitch, yeah, curveball up, and you said, we’re going to have to edit this out, ‘Fuck shit goddamnit fucking finish.'” Hendriks has a great response of “I have a large vocabulary when I’m on the mound.”

That’s a good deadpan handling of this from Hendriks. And really, at this point, networks should be quite aware of his “large vocabulary” when on the mound. Mic him up at your own risk.

[Rob Friedman on Twitter]

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