Dave Flemming had a perfect reaction to Giants catcher Sean Murphy's frustration after a strike out against the Marlins. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area.

San Francisco Giants catcher Tom Murphy did not have a particularly good at-bat in the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game against the Miami Marlins and let his frustrations be known.

But while Murphy’s at-bat was far from perfect, announcer Dave Flemming’s response to Murphy’s reaction was.

Murphy, who struck out in his first at-bat of the game against Miami starter Ryan Weathers, did the same the second time he came to the plate. After he swung through strike three, Murphy let out a loud F-bomb then added a “God D*** it” for good measure as he headed back to the dugout.

Flemming, calling the game for the Giants on NBC Sports Bay Area, summed it up with a response that was the perfect mix of sarcastic and dry.

“Murphy was just thrilled with that at-bat,” Flemming said.

The Marlins generally don’t draw big crowds to LoanDepot Park. And as anyone who watched Tuesday’s game no doubt noticed, it was no exception. There were plenty of good seats available. The fewer people in the building, the easier it is to hear commentary from hecklers in the crowd and frustrated players on the field alike.

And that makes things all the more entertaining for the viewer.

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area]

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