Joe Davis and Eric Karros couldn't help but laugh at Manny Machado going for sunflower seeds as the benches cleared in Saturday's Dodgers vs. Padres game. Photo Credit: Spectrum SportsNet LA Photo Credit: Spectrum SportsNet LA

For anyone who likes sunflower seeds, there’s never a bad time to go for a handful. There are, however, some potentially funny times. San Diego Padres star Manny Machado found one of those on Saturday.

Joe Davis and Eric Karros, calling the game for Spectrum SportsNet LA, couldn’t help but have some fun with it.

For anyone not aware of what happened, the benches cleared during the fifth inning of Saturday’s game between the Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers. Los Angeles pitcher Gavin Stone threw inside to Profar. The pitch was not particularly close to hitting Profar. And given that Stone had a perfect game to that point, it’s highly unlikely that he was trying to hit Profar. Nevertheless, Profar didn’t like it. That led to a war of words between Profar and Dodgers catcher, Will Smith.

Profar didn’t do anything physical. Smith, unlike his namesake with Chris Rock, also didn’t get physical. Still, the benches and bullpens both cleared. As things calmed down and the players headed back to their respective dugouts and bullpens, Davis and Karros began to watch a replay. One of the replays showed Machado leaving the dugout. Machado was actually one of the first Padres on the field. But before going toward the plate, he had to pop some sunflowers into his mouth.

“Manny gonna make sure he gets that one more thing of sunflower seeds,” Karros said. “This is high intensity. I always see that in a boxing match or MMA fights. Let me eat some sunflower seeds before I go out there.”

“I picture the old WWE tag teams. Right before you take a tag, flipping the sunflower seeds. Let’s go,” Davis added.

This was tame even by baseball standards. But what it lacked in physicality it made up for in humor, thanks to Davis, Karros, Machado and of course, a bag of sunflower seeds.

[Photo Credit: Spectrum SportsNet LA]

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