All the Smoke featuring Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes Credit: All the Smoke via Showtime Basketball on YouTube

The popular NBA podcast network All the Smoke is moving from Showtime to Meadowlark Media starting in January.

Hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, the show boasts nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is in the top 20 of both Apple and Spotify’s audio charts. Its expanding network includes Rachel Nichols, DeMarcus Cousins and others.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dan (Le Batard) and to expand our relationship with DraftKings,” said Barnes in a press release. “(Jackson) and I, along with our entire team, would like to thank Showtime for its support in helping us get started. Now, in partnership with Dan, Meadowlark and DraftKings, we can work together to level up and deliver an unrivaled slate of basketball content. DraftKings has been with us since day one. We’re extremely grateful for their support and continued belief in what we’re building.”

In a press release, DraftKings announced it will be the “exclusive sportsbook sponsor” of All the Smoke under the new deal and oversee advertising. Episodes will likely air on DraftKings’ free, ad-supported streaming channel.

Several details are unclear around All the Smoke‘s move, starting with Showtime’s role. Nichols’ Headliners, Kevin Garnett’s KG Certified and Paul Pierce’s Ticket & Truth are branded as television products under the Showtime banner. The brand’s YouTube channel is called “Showtime Basketball,” not All the Smoke.

Beyond that, All the Smoke was previously distributed in part by iHeartMedia. With Meadowlark specializing in podcasts and DraftKings handling ad sales, that partnership will likely end.

Earlier this year, the NBA interview show Point Forward left Meadowlark. It is hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner and now is produced by Vox Media. All the Smoke is among the pioneers of not only NBA interview shows, but athlete-led media brands writ large. Talk about an upgrade.

Meadowlark has shuffled the deck since its initial, more niche buffet of shows was announced in 2021. But it has maintained an emphasis on the NBA, with a digital basketball show hosted by Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder airing Tuesday through Friday on the DraftKings Network.

Showtime axed its sports brand earlier this year and recently sold Bellator. Its parent, Paramount Global, is believed to be exploring a sale.

Stay tuned for what happens to the rest of the Showtime Basketball family and how All the Smoke adapts under the Meadowlark umbrella.

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