This chase ended with a flipped truck and a lot of narrator enthusiasm.

Televised vehicle chases have become quite the thing lately, especially around Los Angeles. But it’s still rare to see one with this kind of climactic finish, and this kind of enthusiasm from the local news anchor narrating it. Here’s what happened in a chase involving a stolen truck Friday morning that ended in Los Alamitos in Orange County, as narrated on KNBC 4 in Los Angeles (and passed along by Rob Perez, the patron saint of Twitter car chases):

Here’s the play-by-play:

“But look at this! They may actually do a pit maneuver! Check this out! They are attempting a pit maneuver! Whoa, here we go! The vehicle flipped over, oh my goodness! Vehicle flipped over, westbound Lampson Avenue, CHP said ‘Game over!’ They did a pit maneuver, car flipped over, suspect is on the run, guys, he’s not going to get too far away. I’m amazed he is able to run after an accident like that! Pedestrian or somebody else tried to get involved. There’s the takedown, look at that! CHP, tremendous job, look at them taking that suspect down! But the accident, unbelievable, they actually did a pit maneuver with that box truck!”

We’ve found the Gus Johnson of car chases.

[World Wide Wob on Twitter]

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