With the NBA Playoffs in full gear, host Ben Heisler is joined by Rob Perez (better known as @World_Wide_Wob) for a chat about the Association.

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  • 5:30 – Intro & the demise of The Bachelor
  • 7:49 – What the NBA, WWE, & Soap Operas share in common
  • 11:15 – Why the NBA has marketed itself so well to younger viewers
  • 14:10 – Basketball’s strength in media sharing and did the NBA ever approach him for his creative content
  • 16:24 – Did he ever have an a-ha moment in the early stages for what he was doing
  • 20:00 – How “Buckets” got started and how he got paired up with Cycle, ESPN & Cassidy Hubbarth
  • 23:30 – Why crowdsourcing works for what he does and why more outlets need to learn and interact with their audience
  • 26:20 – Did “living your life” on-air ever backfire on you?
  • 29:00 – Grades Ben’s “NBA Looks-Like” candidates (a la Le Batard Show)
  • 30:56 – Biggest surprise from the NBA Playoffs thus far

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