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Following the announcement of a relocation from New York to Los Angeles and other significant program changes, the NFL Network is uncertain about the continuation of Good Morning Football.

It remains unclear whether fan favorites Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager will stay with the show after the move. However, Schrager offered a sentimental farewell of sorts to the New York City studios on Friday.

He reminisced about his time at GMF, highlighting a memorable on-air birthday surprise with his family. This experience solidified his belief that GMF had become more than a show; it was a significant part of everyone’s lives.

“I am so glad that I could take this time to celebrate the New York days of Good Morning Football,” said Schrager. “Eight amazing years, and though you see these hosts’ faces every morning, it is such a family who put on this show and so many who put this on every day.”

“Unbelievable memories, unbelievable people,” continued Schrager. “The show itself — in name — is going out to L.A., and it’ll have the same spirit that it had in New York. But I am just reflective; I am grateful, and there wasn’t a single day in the last eight years that I didn’t realize that I had my dream job…Those days are done. We’re gonna be taking this show elsewhere, and we’ll see what happens. But I just wanted to appreciate my time in New York and the crew and the people. A lot of those folks won’t be making the trip, but we do love them. And they’re part of the story and the show, and it’s fabric.”

Schrager did say that it won’t be the last you see from him talking about football, but rather, it’s the end of the era — at least for NYC. Whether that means he’ll continue on the show from the opposite coast remains to be seen.

We have written that the NFL risks running Good Morning Football and its success with its cross-country move if its talent doesn’t follow. The show seamlessly replaced Adams and Burleson with Jamie Erdahl and Jason McCourty, respectively. But replacing all four, or even a few, could damage the show’s fabric, even with how strong the brand is.

We know that Erdahl will be moving to L.A. and returning to host the show after she returns from maternity leave. But it remains to be seen if others, like Schrager, will follow suit.

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