A monitor on-screen in the BBC newsroom showed a woman taking off her top.

We’ve occasionally seen pornography broadcast instead of sports, and we’ve seen media members talk about or tweet about porn, but a news employee watching a woman take her top off on a control-room monitor and having it show up on the news broadcast feels like a new one. That’s what happened on the BBC’s News at Ten Monday, though, where while presenter  Sophie Raworth was talking about England’s cricket victory against South Africa, a monitor in the corner of the screen showed a woman taking off her top and leaning over a bare-chested man.

A zoomed-in version (NSFW) does confirm this was full topless nudity. So, yeah, that’s not exactly what you want to be watching on a monitor that’s visible on-screen. It may have been more interesting for some viewers than the cricket story, though. That brings up memories of a great Monty Python sketch, where Match of the Day proved anything but, seen in two parts below (no nudity, but still possibly NSFW):

The BBC is reportedly investigating the situation. (That’s from a Times of London article, with the superb headline “Nudes at Ten.”) Meanwhile, BBC reporter Dan Johnson had a great response to this:



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