On fuboTV’s earnings call on Wednesday, CEO David Gandler made several notable comments.

When discussing pricing, namely three-month plan that was briefly rolled out earlier this month, Gardner said that the company would “continue to experiment” with various pricing plans and models.

This is a company that is predicated on its ability to manage its data, focus on different capabilities and try to better understand how to optimize all of the components of our service. And so that certainly was an experiment. We’re still going through the data now. You should anticipate that we’ll continue to experiment just to better understand sort of what the value is for us and also what the expectations are for consumers.

Later in the call, he reiterated that fubo will “test different offers throughout the year.”

Again, with respect to the three month offer, you’ll typically see us test different offers throughout the year. And given the excitement around the Super Bowl, we thought it was a great time to test how sports fans would react to an offer that you typically don’t see.

Gandler was also coy on the possibility of Turner’s networks returning to the streamer.

With respect to sports content, as you know, we didn’t have Turner last year either and we managed pretty well. The teams are using all the data coming in. And the platform is also providing the type of content today that we think will keep consumers engaged. But obviously we have to be a little bit conservative, because really, sometimes it really depends on the type of tournament, the teams and I guess the storyline. So — but we’re keeping a close eye on it, but we feel very comfortable with the results going into end of February.

He also didn’t close the door on future price increases saying “there’s probably a little bit more room there” when discussing the pricing of fuboTV.

As you know, we started our service at $6.99, we’ve been pricing up for the last five years. And there’s a huge demand for sports, people love sports content, where they love to wager, where they love to watch, where they like to buy paraphernalia, jerseys, et cetera. So, again, we’re well positioned, we think that our product is priced well for the value that we provide. And we think there’s probably a little bit more room there, given that we still are facing some inflationary pressure.

I actually do like the idea of variable plans, maybe even based on what’s going on in the sports world, though many of the significant events on the calendar last for a month. I also am curious if this could open the door for specific bundles – sports-only, no sports, etc. People have been screaming for an option like that for years.

[Transcript via Seeking Alpha]

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