Skip Bayless will be squaring off with Cam Newton in a three-point contest and on Wednesday we got a behind the scenes look at Skip's prep. Photo Credit: Skip Bayless on Twitter/X Photo Credit: Skip Bayless on Twitter/X

Skip Bayless has long told stories about his high school basketball career, which may or may not have been embellished and may or may not have led to Jalen Rose being banned from First Take when Bayless was still hosting.

Bayless, who now hosts FS1’s Undisputed showed off some of his basketball prowess Wednesday with a video he posted on X.

Bayless announced he will be having a three-point contest against former NFL MVP and ‘Undisputed’ co-host Cam Newton, with more details to come Thursday on The Skip Bayless Show.

“Here I am in an old school ‘lab’ getting ready for my 3-point shooting competition with Cam Newton. I missed some, made some, heated up near the end of this session in a little gym I frequent near the Fox Studios here in LA. Thank you, Ernestine, for your expert camera work. Details to come on this week’s Skip Bayless Show, dropping tomorrow,” Bayless wrote in a follow-up post on his account.

While we don’t have access to the raw footage to see just how many makes and misses Bayless had in his practice session, he knocked down some great shots for a 72-year-old. Will that continue when he takes on a former professional athlete who is nearly 40 years younger? Probably not. But it should make for great entertainment.

Social media had plenty to say about Bayless’ video.

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