Skip Bayless hates on Anthony Edwards Credit: Undisputed on Fox Sports 1

Skip Bayless went full hater on Friday morning after one of the more incredible plays of the NBA season.

Discussing an incredible game-sealing block by breakout star Anthony Edwards against the Indiana Pacers, Bayless predictably took the most negative angle he could find. Not only did the Undisputed host call the block “easy,” he also said Edwards should have let a teammate make the play while also railing against Pacers forward Aaron Nesmith for not going up strong enough on the finish.

A true trifecta of nonsense.

“This was the easiest block because you will ever see, because he’s so far above (the play),” Bayless chortled before a baffled Keyshawn Johnson estimated the only reason for Bayless’ inane take was to “antagonize” Johnson from across the desk.

Bayless has long refused to celebrate athletes in any way, unless they are members of his select club of favorites. If your name is not Michael Jordan, Tim Tebow or Johnny Manziel, odds are Bayless is going to come at you on television.

And of course, Bayless is stubborn. An athlete’s improvement or achievements are not reason to pivot to praise. Instead, it’s an opportunity to double down and turn their greatness into some kind of constant dig against you personally. With Edwards one of several young players that could conceivably be the next face of the NBA, Bayless is already positioning himself as the dissenting voice once again.

To Skip Bayless, everything going on each night in sports is actually about him. In his world, the entire world is only consuming sports in anxious pause before getting to see and hear his wonderful takes.

So when Edwards saved a huge win in Minnesota’s first game since a challenging injury diagnosis for costar Karl-Anthony Towns, it was naturally time for Bayless to criticize rather than show any sense of wonder or appreciation at all.


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