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Nick Wright’s been around long enough to know that when he gives a hot take on a topic, it’s going to be amplified and possibly misinterpreted on social media and by so-called “aggregator” websites.

So the Fs1 First Things First host actually took a preemptive strike against aggregators Friday. After making a prediction about Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, he immediately predicted his take would be misconstrued. But Wright then said he doesn’t care.

Wright gave his take on Curry’s future, which has become a hot topic in recent days. The Warriors are a shell of the team that won four NBA Championships with Curry. Draymond Green recently had another on-court meltdown, the team is fighting for an NBA Play-In Tournament spot, and there’s speculation the Warriors could be broken up.

Wright tried to put odds on whether or not Curry would be with Golden State next season, and came up with “a 15% chance” he might want to go elsewhere, depending on how the rest of the season goes.

“History would say he doesn’t have a ton of tread left on the tires,” Wright said. “Does he want to spend it, without Klay (Thompson) potentially, being Draymond’s babysitter, to be the 9 seed. I don’t know. So I’m just saying it’s on the board.

“All I’m saying, again, I want to be very clear and I know this will be aggregated out of context, it’s fine. I am not predicting Steph Curry is going to say, ‘trade me.’ I’m saying anyone acting as if it’s not on the board, that a couple of weeks from now is his last game as a Warrior, I think is being overly optimistic.”

Wright had reason to be concerned about being taken out of context. A similar situation occurred in February, after his thoughts on a possible LeBron James trade were misinterpreted, with what he called “wildly, ridiculously wrong” context.

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