A Fox Sports graphic for Nebraska-Northwestern, featuring Kansas State's mascot for some reason.

Not all Wildcats are equal, as Fox Sports found out Thursday. For understandable reasons, Fox was promoting their Week 0 Big Noon Saturday (actually, a 12:30 p.m. ET start in this case) game, featuring the Nebraska Cornhuskers against the Northwestern Wildcats in Dublin, Ireland. That’s the only Power Five on Power Five game of Week 0, and it’s going to get a lot of attention. And the FoxSports.com article on this from RJ Young was generally fine. But it came with a highly unfortunate custom graphic that somehow subbed in the Kansas State Wildcats’ mascot for the Northwestern mascot:

Maxwell Smart has an appropriate comment for Fox here:

Get Smart.

Look, yes, both schools go by “Wildcats,” and both mascots are named “Willie,” and they both wear white and purple. But Kansas State’s Willie The Wildcat is rather different than Northwestern’s Willie The Wildcat. And it’s very obvious that that’s a Kansas State mascot from the Big XII logo on the top left of the uniform. But four hours after this was initially pointed out, that graphic was still live on Fox’s site. And their graphic usage here drew a lot of comment:

Photo mixups happen, and it makes sense that one mascot might be confused for another with the same name, but the conference affiliation on the uniform really should have been the key tipoff here. Big Ten expansion hasn’t yet led to the addition of Kansas State, which you’d think the conference’s primary rightsholder would know. So that meant that Fox’s graphic for this story wound up drawing a lot of mockery.


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