Mike Hill criticizes Fox colleague Jason Whitlock.

The latest example of Fox-on-Fox crime is within Fox Sports itself, with Mike Hill taking on FS1 colleague Jason Whitlock following Whitlock’s comments on how LeBron James shouldn’t take the racist slogans painted on his gate seriously because of his wealth. Hill wasn’t the only one to go after Whitlock, as athletes like Martellus Bennett and media members also went in on him, but Hill’s comments were perhaps particularly interesting thanks to coming from a colleague. Here they are:

Hill went on to say that his lack of hot takes is why he doesn’t appear more regularly on FS1’s debate shows:

He mentioned that he did just sign a new deal with the company, though:

That’s quite the colleague-on-colleague criticism, but Hill makes some pretty good points here, and he’s far from the only one who was offended by Whitlock’s comments. We’ll see if there’s any response from Fox.

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