During the Dallas Cowboys playoff victory against the Seattle Seahawks, Joe Buck read a promo for Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s new show The Passage. Buck uniquely pronounced “Gosselaar,” pronouncing the final syllable with a hard “a” instead of a soft “e” like everyone else has called Mark-Paul for the past 30 years, causing his “gaffe” to go viral.

It turns out that Buck may have been right all along. On Fox 5’s Good Day New York, Gosselaar was on to promote his new show and revealed that the rest of us have been wrong, vindicating Buck.

Because he’s a “prankster” and “lazy,” Gosselaar pronounces his own name with the soft “e,” despite being the incorrect pronounciation.

This is a genius, yet unintentional, marketing move. “Gosselaar-gate” took a simple ad read during a playoff game that we would’ve forgotten about by the next play and made us still care about it six days later. Joe Buck is a company man, and if he’s gotta take some Twitter hate for correctly pronouncing someone’s name (though everyone else thinks he was wrong) in order to give a new Fox show a bit more publicity, he’s probably cool with it. At least that Twitter hate is a change of pace from his usual mentions from fans telling him he’s biased against their team.

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