Zombie shows all the rage in popular culture these days. That’s the only possible explanation for the absurd mistake Fox Philly made this week.

On their morning newscast, the station wished Joe Frazier a Happy Birthday. The boxing legend would have been 73 years old. While the sentiment was nice, somehow the station did not realize or remember that Frazier passed away in 2011, over five years ago.

Now look, sometimes that happens. Maybe you could even pass it off as a way to remember one of the city’s great champions.

However, the truly bizarre aspect of all of this is that the station also said that Frazier would be making an appearance at City Hall, meeting with friends and supporters to honor youth boxing teams.




Here’s the video evidence.

It’s one thing to wish a dead celebrity a happy birthday. Stuff happens. A producer might bring it up and maybe nobody on the newsdesk would know who Joe Frazier actually was or bother to do a 2 second Google to search to actually confirm that person’s place among the living.

But how in the world do you share the information that someone who passed away in 2011 is making a public appearance? How does that happen?!? Unless that was Zombie Joe Frazier walking into Philadelphia’s City Hall, my guess is he didn’t make it for the appearance.

[H/T Crossing Broad]

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