We live in a dangerous age to make public bets. The internet ensures that no bold proclamation goes unnoticed and that no incorrect stance goes unappreciated. Just ask the Chicago Cubs fan who said in May he’d pen a 1,000-word letter if the Brewers won the NL Central over his squad.

Right before the ALDS series between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox kicked off, David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez sat next to one another on the Fox Sports pregame show and made their predictions. As expected, A-Rod picked the Yankees and Ortiz picked the Sox. To up the ante, however, the two agreed to a very specific proposition. Whoever’s team lost would have to appear on the show wearing the uniform of the winning team so that they could be doused in champagne by the other person.

As we now know, the Sox took care of business, finishing off the Yankees in four games and advancing to the ALCS. And you know what that meant for A-Rod:

Rodriguez was a good sport as he emerged on the set, dressed head-to-toe in his Red Sox finest. However, right before Ortiz begins the champagne shower, he rips open his shirt to reveal a Yankees undershirt and then swaps out his Sox hat for a Yankees one. Old habits die hard.

It was pretty strange to see A-Rod wearing a Boston uniform, but it does remind us of what could have been. Before he ended up with the Yankees, A-Rod was almost traded from the Rangers to the Red Sox in one of the most infamous non-trades in MLB history. It was a decision that swayed the history of both franchises, though you could make the case they both came out just fine in the end.

Still, for a brief moment in the time, Boston fans dreamed of seeing Alex Rodriguez in a Red Sox uniform getting showered in champagne. Ironically, that dream finally came true.

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