There are certain things that you just accept an older person is probably not going to be aware of or understand.

TikTok? Absolutely.

How to request an Uber or Lyft? That’s understandable.

Fake burger patties? Yeah, we can see how that would be confusing.

Twix? Uhhh…Twix seems pretty self-explanatory, right? A staple of your grocery, gas station, and convenience store candy aisle since 1967. We’ve lived in the post-Twix world for quite some time now and you’d imagine that anyone who has existed in America for the better part of the last 40-50 years has seen a few Twix ads in their day, let alone eaten a bunch of them.

Don’t include Around the Horn contributor and former Boston Globe writer Bob Ryan among them.

“Surely Bob is joking,” you say. To which we reply, we assure you he is not.

How can a lifer sportswriter and longtime ESPN personality, a guy who has spent his adult life surrounded by advertising during sporting events, not know about Twix? It’s Twix! Like, if you asked 100 people to name every American candy bar they could think of, 99 of them would probably say Twix in the first five choices, right? Twix advertises during MLB games, which includes Boston Red Sox games. People have made whole debates out of the proper way to eat Twix bars. This is madness!

There have been Twix Super Bowl ads, for Chrissake. We know Bob watches the Super Bowl!

Even more amazing is that Bob wasn’t tipped off to the existence of Twix by a commercial or a trip to the store. It was, of course, a tweet.

True to form, Bob refused to relent on the pushback he got and stood his Twix-less ground, presuming that the popular candy items needs help due to its lack of consumer awareness…

According to Eat This, Twix is the fifth most-popular candy bar in America by sales volume. So they’re probably cool either way, Bob.

[Bob Ryan]

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