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At the SEC Baseball Tournament on Wednesday, an in-game interview held by the SEC Network went horribly wrong for the Texas A&M Aggies.

Aggie manager Jim Schlossnagle and right fielder Jordan Thompson became the subject of an awkward situation. Dave Neal and Ben McDonald of SEC Network held an interview between them and Schlossnagle during the game. In-game interviews always have an interesting quirk about them, as they can tend to veer away from the subject: the game. In the past, some players and coaches have expressed some discontent with them.

During this particular one, Schlossnagle made an admission: That he feels he’s bad luck. So when Arkansas infielder Peyton Holt hit a ball that went into foul territory, Schlossnagle tightened up a bit. And then, Thompson totally missed the ball!

“I told you so,” Schlossnagle said as he took off the headset and threw his hands up. He could be seen ranting, with a smile on his face no less, in the dugout after the missed foul ball.

There are “announcer jinxes” and, apparently, manager jinxes as well! At least if you believe Schlossnagle, who certainly got it rough there. To say you’re bad luck and then have a misplay happen in the field is about as big a 1-2 punch to the gut as you can get.

Luckily, all involved seemed to take it in stride and had a good laugh about it. Though, we’ll see if the Texas A&M manager schedules another in-game interview anytime soon.

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