We’ve known about ESPN’s new flagship podcast ESPN Daily for a few months now. The podcast, which will debut on October 21st, will be a daily deep dive into one specific sports story or topic.

Now we know who’s hosting, too: Mina Kimes. Michael McCarthy first reported it Wednesday at Front Office Sports, and ESPN officially announced Kimes as host Thursday in a release. That release also mentioned a new multiyear agreement for Kimes to remain at ESPN, which would be her second deal in a little over a year.

Via ESPN’s release:

ESPN senior writer and TV/radio commentator Mina Kimes will host the new ESPN Daily co-presented by Dell and Indeed, a weekday podcast from ESPN’s award-winning team of journalists and storytellers set to debut October 21.  Kimes’ expanded role is part of a new multiyear agreement.

Every weekday morning, ESPN Daily will take a deep dive into a specific story in sports, using ESPN’s unmatched journalistic resources and deep roster of reporters, producers and commentators.

“ESPN Daily’s narrative-driven approach will go beyond headlines and scores, allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of the biggest sports story of the moment,” said Connor Schell, ESPN executive vice president, content.  “Mina Kimes’ ability to connect with audiences along with her insight, curiosity and wit make her the perfect voice to take listeners on this journey each and every day.”

Kimes added, “After working across various platforms at ESPN over the last few years, I’m thrilled to be part of a show that brings together talent from around the network to make something smart and fun. My colleagues put out so many interesting stories, and we’re looking forward to surprising and delighting listeners with them every day.”

Kimes seems well-suited to the role, given her background in investigative reporting and her ability to be both entertaining and informative. ESPN clearly thinks so, as her profile continues to grow at the company, including another new venture:

In addition to ESPN Daily, Kimes will contribute to the upcoming “ESPN Cover Story” initiative, debuting on October 16. Building on the legacy of ESPN The Magazine’s journalistic efforts, “Cover Story” is a multimedia offering featuring inside access, compelling reporting and writing, stunning visual production, and platform-optimized content from various ESPN journalists throughout the year.

Kimes herself confirmed the news, while also confirming that her current weekly show will continue:

That’s more good news for anyone who enjoys podcasts with dogs as featured co-hosts, which should honestly be everyone.


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