Having played for Nick Saban at LSU, Marcus Spears has a unique perspective on Saturday’s win over Alabama. A unique, incredibly fired up perspective. Thankfully for all of us, he was afforded a platform on Get Up this morning to share his thoughts, and it was the very definition of nothing held back.

Appearing alongside Mike Greenberg, Desmond Howard, and Paul Finebaum, Spears succinctly outlined how the victory was a culmination for the program’s recent trajectory, and validation for head coach Ed Orgeron and players like Joe Burrow. It made for two minutes of tremendous television.

Contenders for best moment include:

  • Paul Finebaum being annoyed, which is always nice.
  • The thought of Spears actually climbing onto the Get Up desk, which is probably not rated to hold even a fifth branded mug, much less a former All-American defensive lineman.
  • The blatant waste of sticky notes to make a point, which is the most use anyone’s gotten out of real-world sticky notes in years.
  • The paper tearing and throwing leading to a walk-off moment, after which Spears is applauded by seemingly everyone in the studio.

Twitter obviously took (non-sticky) note:

Just a tremendous performance all around.

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