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If Joe Buck makes calling an NFL game look easy, that’s because for him, it probably is. So easy that he can multitask while behind the mic.

After braving the brutally cold 46 degree night in Buffalo last week on Monday Night Football, Buck broke out an impressive overcoat during the second half of this week’s broadcast in Kansas City, which you can see in the featured image of this post. According to Michael Kay, the overcoat was more than impressive, “It was just gorgeous.” So gorgeous that Kay wouldn’t mind having one of his own.

“Buck is wearing, I would say a five, six-thousand-dollar overcoat. I mean, you can see when something is expensive and well made,” Kay said during his Tuesday afternoon radio show on ESPN New York. “You could see, dripping in money, when you make 18 million dollars a year, you can do that.”

Kay couldn’t keep these compliments to himself. He needed to tell Buck how he felt about the jacket and he needed to tell him now.

During the game, Kay texted Buck, “I’m gonna need that in 48-Long, great jacket.” Almost immediately, Kay received a response. “During the play, he texts me back, he goes ‘Done, tell me the address.’ And I said, ‘I’m just kidding.’”

Joe Buck can text and call a Monday Night Football game with nearly 30 million people watching. Which begs the question, what else can Buck do while calling a nationally televised football game?

Well, if you remember, he can sip tequila with a splash of Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice, an admission he made to Colin Cowherd a couple of years ago. But more impressive than that, Buck can pee while calling an NFL game.

During a past appearance on the SmartLess podcast, Buck claimed the bathrooms were too far from the broadcast booth at Milwaukee County Stadium, where the Green Bay Packers used to play some of their home games, and nature called.

“I was peeing in a trash can and they handed me like a little water bottle,” Buck told hosts Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. “We came back from a break and I was peeing and the action started…And I called a touchdown while urine was coming out of me.”

Buck can drink and broadcast, he can pee and broadcast, so, of course, the renowned play-by-play voice can safely text and broadcast too. Very impressive.

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