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If Adam Schefter ever does get kidnapped, you can erase Boomer Esiason’s name from the list of potential offenders.

On his podcast last week, Schefter stated the last time he went with ESPN to Mexico City for a Monday Night Football broadcast, he briefly believed he was kidnapped after getting in a car that was supposedly going to his hotel. Ultimately, Schefter was in the correct car and was not kidnapped. But three years later, that brief moment of panic stuck with him.

Schefter faced his fears this week as ESPN and the NFL returned to Mexico City with Monday Night Football for the first time since 2019. Thankfully, Schefter was not kidnapped in 2019 and he was not kidnapped during his latest trip to Mexico City this week. But the thought of Schefter being kidnapped caused former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason to ponder on his Tuesday morning WFAN radio show with co-host Gregg Giannotti.

“Who wants Adam Schefter? Whose gonna kidnap Adam Schefter?” Esiason asked. “Who would wanna kidnap Adam Schefter?”

Perhaps someone after Schefter’s rolodex? Or maybe someone looking to pick up a little extra cash, considering Schefter reportedly makes around $9 million annually with ESPN?

“He makes millions of dollars and his family’s gonna want him back,” Giannotti said. “That’s a smart play, kidnapping Adam Schefter.”

That makes sense, a kidnapper abducts ESPN’s premier NFL Insider and holds him for ransom until the family gives up a few of his millions. But Esiason still wasn’t sold on that plan being able to work for the kidnapper.

“You would think that ESPN has kidnapping insurance,” Esiason said. “Maybe the family would get some more money.”

According to Esiason, he pays Lloyd’s of London a monthly fee for kidnap insurance on himself. So by Esiason’s logic, if he ever gets abducted, his family is more likely to reap the benefits of his insurance plan than they are to get him back by paying ransom. While that may sound cold, it’s actually a pretty good warning to any potential kidnapper. Don’t bother with Boomer, his family has insurance.

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