Bomani Jones

Bomani Jones has been one of ESPN’s most respected voices since he joined full-time in 2013, and that will continue for at least the next few years, with Jones and ESPN announcing a multyear contract extension.

 The New York Post reported this was likely in early May, and now we have an official confirmation, along with some clarity as to Jones’ role. From ESPN’s announcement:

ESPN has reached a multi-year contract extension with host and commentator Bomani Jones. Jones will continue to lead his popular ESPN Podcast, The Right Time with Bomani Jones, twice per week (Tuesday and Thursday). In May, The Right Time was downloaded more than 650,000 times, a 60% increase over last year.

His ESPN Audio presence will also include regular guest appearances across ESPN Radio sports talk programming.

Jones will play a significant role on Highly Questionable alongside Dan Le Batard, appearing three or four days each week. He will also continue to be a key contributor across ESPN’s television studio lineup, including SportsCenter, Get Up, Outside the Lines and as a panelist on Around the Horn.

“I’m thrilled to continue my tenure at ESPN,” Jones said. “The Right Time is growing, and the ability to share my voice on many shows and platforms is exciting in this moment.”

When ESPN canceled High Noon it felt like a sign that Jones might end up leaving, despite all parties saying all the right things about finding a path forward. It turns out that Jones found that path pretty quickly, with The Right Time hitting very impressive download numbers without sports happening.

That’s the advantage of people with varied perspectives who can contextualize sports within culture: when sports go away, they still have plenty to talk about. Bomani in particular is exactly the kind of voice that ESPN should value, and this deal certainly shows they weren’t just espousing platitudes in the wake of High Noon. 


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