Bob Myers on NBA Countdown. Bob Myers on NBA Countdown. (ESPN on YouTube.)

ESPN’s Bob Myers has had a successful career in several different fields, and many NBA fans Sunday night were wishing he would stick with those other roles and stop working as a game analyst.

Myers worked as the color analyst for the Sacramento Kings’ 123-107 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, and about halfway through, “Bob Myers” began trending on X (formerly Twitter). A quick check showed NBA fans weren’t posting complimentary tweets on Myers’ analysis.

Some fans accused Myers of being unfair to the Kings. Some claimed he was biased against them because of the incident in the NBA playoffs last year when Myers, then general manager of the Golden State Warriors, got trolled by a fan ringing one of the team’s iconic cowbells in his ears during the game.

Others noted Myers didn’t seem to understand the Kings offense, making him wonder where the team would find points when high-scoring star De’Aaron Fox went to the bench.

Myers clearly knows more about basketball than most. He is a two-time NBA Executive of the Year who built the Warriors team that won four NBA championships. The former college player joined ESPN NBA Countdown this season. And he’s thought of so highly in the sports world that the Washington Commanders recently hired him as an advisor.

So Myers is a smart, respected guy, but fans didn’t appreciate his efforts Sunday night.

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