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The Bill Walton verbal acid trip continued Wednesday night, with Walton calling the Cal-Oregon game alongside usual play-by-play partner “Dave??” Pasch. Things started long before tipoff, with Pasch tweeting this photo of Walton with a glockenspiel (which he’s used before at Cal!) in front of the Golden Bears’ band and asking for captions:

Here are some of the best ones he got:

When the actual game rolled around, there were yet more highlights from Walton, including his usage of face paint. Pasch asked if that was going to be a recurring thing, and Walton said “I’m ready to go! Anywhere!”

Walton delivered a “where were we?” about the NBA broadcast he did in Cleveland with Pasch and Dick Vitale last week:

Walton also hit Pasch with something, and made fun of him for using a seat cushion as a pad:

There was later a discussion of DeMarcus Cousins, with Walton saying “It doesn’t matter to me as long as he doesn’t go to a team that I like,” which Pasch pointed out was the same thing he’d previously said about Carmelo Anthony last week:

Pasch then asks if Walton doesn’t like those players because they’re seen as selfish, and Walton responds “I like guys who play to win, who come with character and dignity and class, who care about the team.”

Pasch then defended Cousins, saying Walton said he was uncoachable, Walton shot back with “How many coaches have been fired trying to coach him?”, Pasch said he’s “a top-15 player,” and Walton burst out laughing:

And he delivered some great stream-of-consciousness lines, as you’d expect:

All in all, it was just another night with the verbal acid trip that is Bill Walton.

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