Bill Walton and Dave Pasch are the greatest entertainment in sports broadcasting and they showed why again on Thursday night in Berkeley.

It was a night of weirdness as Walton wore a Picasso painting as a shirt, played a glockenspiel from a Cal band member, and blew out a birthday cupcake on air for Thomas Edison’s birthday and his spine surgery.

“I just happen to carry a nice torch with me.”

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Bill Walton deadpan, “Please, don’t you know anything about glockenspiels?”

Here’s more of Walton with the glockenspiel and carrying on a conversation with a Cal band member live on the air during the second half of the game.  He even borrows his bear hat and ESPN gives us a split-screen of this transformational moment in world history.

As much as we love Bill Walton, Dave Pasch doesn’t get enough due as the best straight man in the business.  The Pac 12 may have been shut out of the college football playoff, but at least they have these two.  Walton & Pasch are the Martin & Lewis of our generation.

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