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The unranked Oregon Ducks upset the No. 3 UCLA Bruins 84-81 in overtime Thursday night at Pauley Pavillion. It was a very entertaining game, and the ESPN broadcast featured some additional entertainment with the dynamic duo of Dave Pasch and Bill Walton on the call.

Walton offered his typical bizarre — but frequently quite funny — commentary, while Pasch — as usual — played the perfect partner to question the thoughts, drop in well-placed sarcasm, or simply move along with a seamless transition to what’s happening in the game.

And in the second half, Walton casually mentioned how the “Tinder portal” has worked out very well for the Pac-12. After the UCLA legend kept talking for another dozen seconds, Pasch had to jump in to point out that Walton referred to the NCAA’s transfer portal as the Tinder portal.

Pasch: “You mean the transfer portal? You called it the Tinder portal.”

Walton: “Tinder portal, yeah. That’s what it is.”

Pasch: “You’re saying the transfer portal is like Tinder? You swipe right or left to get a player?”

Walton: “Do you love me today?”

Six game minutes later, Walton again brought up the Tinder portal, and offered an explanation for “the way that works.”

Walton: “The way that works is that they put their name in there and then the coaches start pushing left and right.”

Pasch (sarcastically): “Exactly.”

So, Walton really compared the transfer portal to an online dating app. Incredible.

There were plenty more hilarious exchanges throughout the game.

In the first half, Walton and Pasch were talking about Memphis Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant. After speaking well of Morant, Walton asked if Ja’s name has a “w” in it.

And in the second half, Pasch asked Walton if somebody knew that Walton played for the Boston Celtics in the ’80s.

Walton: “I have no idea. Did I?”

Pasch: You did win Sixth Man of the Year.”

Walton: “Which means I was Larry Bird’s valet. Which means my job was to tell Larry what time the game started.”

It’s a very unique experience when Walton is the color commentator on a basketball broadcast!

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