Around the Horn Halloween [Photo Credit: ESPN]

Everyone loves a good Halloween costume, and the cast of ESPN’s Around the Horn always gets into the act.

Tuesday’s episode featured some of their best work ever in that regard, with some wicked impersonations that amused fans.

Woody Paige stole the show, dressed up as Taylor Swift (Warning: Once you’ve seen this impersonation, you can’t unsee it). If the wig, makeup and Kansas City Chiefs jacket weren’t enough, Paige sat in front of a board with the message, “Errors Tour Concert Today on ATH.”

Jorge Sedano pulled off a spot-on impersonation of Pat McAfee. The only thing missing was a guest appearance by Aaron Rodgers.

Clinton Yates checked in with an over-the-top impression of Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler.


As an added bonus, the show also revisited some favorite Halloween costumes/impersonations through the years. Tim Cowlishaw’s “Ghost of Al Davis” impersonation was so good, he did it two different years.

Fans loved the episode, with X user Bill Yankowy noting, “This is normally the best ATH episode of the year, every year.”

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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