Adam Schefter Photo Credit: ABC

ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter appeared on an ESPN on ABC NFL training camp show on Saturday. Unfortunately, the whole world now knows his ringtone after a phone call interrupted everything.

Schefter’s colleague, former NFL quarterback turned ESPN NFL analyst Matt Hasselbeck was breaking down Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love and how he will look in his first season as the team’s starter.

However, fans at home will never know what Hasselbeck thinks about Love, as he was interrupted by Schefter’s surprising ringtone – “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward – that could be heard by all watching at home.

Everyone else on set including Louis Riddick, Field Yates, and Dan Orlovsky laughed as Schefter hurriedly tried to stop the sound coming from his phone.

Schefter then hilarious told producers to go to break as he was unable to stop the sound even after he turned his phone off.

“Go to break! It won’t stop! My phone is off and it won’t stop! What is going on here?! I don’t have that ringtone,” Schefter said as the sound continued.

A number of ESPN employees took to social media to further laugh about this situation.

To be fair to Schefter, he is probably one of the few ESPN personalities that actually does need his phone on him at all times as he is among the leading insiders that is constantly first on developing stories that he then reports on social media.

Regardless, he might have a tough time living this down…

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