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ESPN’s Adam Schefter has been accused of some bad choices over the years. While that’s usually related to his reporting or social media posts, his latest faux pas was a fashion choice.

The NFL free agency period is in full swing as some players are signing huge contracts while others are finding themselves traded following disappointing runs with their former squad.

The latter was certainly the case for quarterback Justin Fields, who saw himself traded over the weekend by the Chicago Bears to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fields will now have to try and out-duel Russell Wilson for the starting spot or spend next season on the bench in his new home.

Naturally, when the news broke, ESPN’s SportsCenter called upon NFL insider Adam Schefter to discuss the deal and what it all means. Perhaps because it was breaking news and he was in a hurry, or perhaps because he has a unique fashion sense, Schefter showed up wearing a quarter-zip sweater underneath a sportscoat, which is certainly a choice.

“There’s insane and then there’s wearing a quarter zip under a suit,” said X user Mezz. When that post went viral, it garnered a slew of reactions from social media fashionistas.

Two people who definitely don’t see an issue with this kind of quarter-zip work are Peyton and Eli Manning. The QB brothers have made that sweater their hallmark, even wearing them alongside Barack Obama and going to great lengths to get their guests a version of their own.

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