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The life of a sports insider is certainly unique. And according to ESPN senior NFL insider Adam Schefter, the most informed man in football, that creates a bond among insiders that rivals any romantic relationship they could have.

In an interview on Pardon My Take released March 1, Schefter explained why ESPN senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski understands him, “professionally speaking,” better than his own wife.

“I know what he’s feeling, I know what he’s going through,” Schefter said. “We also talk about the business, what it’s like, talk about life at ESPN, talk about, ‘How long can you do this?'”

Both insiders re-upped at ESPN at the same time in the spring of 2022, reportedly making upwards of $7 million apiece. They are the nexus of news for America’s two biggest sports. And both are now ESPN veterans, with Wojnarowski nearing a decade at the worldwide leader and Schefter nearing two.

Schefter said he and Wojnarowski will often connect to get to the bottom of a story, sharing tips and advice. While they may not cover the same sport, the practice of being an insider is similar.

Of course, both have had their run-ins with questions over journalistic integrity. The idea of an insider exists almost separate from journalism, placing Schefter and Wojnarowski in the lane of information exchange for fantasy sports, gambling and business. They do not often investigate or dig in like some of their colleagues, so certainly they would have much to bond over considering their unique roles in the industry.

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