Deion Sanders Jr. Danny Kanell Deion Sanders Jr. (left) grew frustrated with Danny Kanell (right) and persistent dissing he had towards Deion Sanders and Colorado. Credit: USA TODAY Images/

Colorado capped off a week’s worth of hype with a dramatic late-night victory. The Buffaloes won over in-state rival Colorado State in overtime in a more competitive game than many experts predicted. CSU played with a lot of juice (looking past a blatantly dirty hit on Colorado star Travis Hunter) but came up short of pulling off a massive upset. But even though CU celebrated a victory, that didn’t stop Danny Kanell from taking issue.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a new thing for Kanell. Earlier this year, Kanell took issue with Sanders after he appeared to disassociate himself, in his eyes, from Florida State. Both Sanders and Kanell played football at the university, but Deion cheekily noted he graduated from an HBCU. He wouldn’t let himself be called a “Nole,” which the former FSU quarterback said “ain’t it.” Then on Sunday morning, after Colorado’s loss, he took issue again.

Kanell decided to poll followers and otherwise a question: “Should you storm the field after a win in OT as a 24-point favorite?” Colorado fans rushed Folsom Field after they won the hotly-contested game. But that added context didn’t help Kanell’s case.

A lot of people noticed the post, and one of them just so happened to be one of Deion’s kids. Deion Sanders Jr. took to X to post his response.

It was emphatic, to say the least.

Field rushing and courtstorming often end up as topics of debate. There are some out there who think the occasion should be reserved for special occasions. Massive upsets are one of them, as that typically will be when they occur. The celebratory mood was there regardless of the point spread, though. And they’re college kids, who are always looking for an excuse to party and have fun.

Using the point spread as a qualifier for whether a team should make a run for the field or court also isn’t the best thing to do. Despite sports gambling’s sudden and, at times, pervasive rise into the marketplace, the fact remains: Not everybody cares. Just solely based on the fact that gambling’s legal age is 21, it’s impossible to suggest that everyone could gamble or have an interest in gambling on the game in the first place. Poll rankings will often be used first, but let’s be serious here. This was an emotional game. Rivalry matchups always are. This one had added flavor to it, whether you think it was manufactured or not.

So, let the kids have fun. Trying to now take a dig at fans for rushing the field appears both silly and desperate. If Kanell has this much an issue with Sanders, then this trend of back-and-forth will probably continue. Though, you’d think after Deion’s son’s response, perhaps restraint will be used next time.

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