A Virginia fan with an unfortunate crop of his shirt against NC State. A Virginia fan with an unfortunate crop of his shirt against NC State. (CJ Fogler on Twitter.)

An aspect of media coverage that perhaps deserves more discussion is framing. With any video frame or photo, there’s always the potential additional context from the surrounding area that’s not included. In many cases, that’s not a big deal; it’s impossible to show everything, and expanding an image’s scope sometimes detracts from its central focus. But a tight crop does sometimes produce issues the other way, as was shown with one crowd shot on ESPN’s broadcast of the North Carolina State Wolfpack – Virginia Cavaliers football clash Friday:

Unlike Virginia’s license plate motto, that particular crop of that particular shirt is not for lovers. But at least some of the blame here falls on the shirt design; those are not six particular letters you want potentially standing on their own. And yes, the camera shot could have been focused a little lower down to get the shirt’s full context. But there’s still a lot here that isn’t particularly the fault of ESPN.

It is amusing to see how poorly this crop turned out for this particular fan. And perhaps that should be a warning for those contemplating buying this particular shirt, or designs of a similar nature. It may be decent advice to consider how a particular item may look if only part of it winds up being shown.

The Cavaliers also wound up falling 24-21 here in the end, and dropping to 0-4 on the season. But even that home loss is probably still perhaps less embarrassing than this specific crop.

[CJ Fogler on Twitter]

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