The glaring height difference between Purdue star Zach Edey and Tracey Wolfson led to a funny interview between the two. Photo Credit: TBS Photo Credit: TBS

On-court interviews between sideline reporters and basketball players can sometimes create some funny images. It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic example of that than what we saw on Saturday between Tracey Wolfson and Purdue star Zach Edey.

Shortly after Edey and the Boilermakers defeated North Carolina State in Saturday’s first Final Four matchup, Wolfson interviewed Purdue coach Matt Painter and Edey. While the height difference between Painter and Wolfson is significant, it’s nothing compared to the gap between Wolfson and Edey.

The Purdue big man is more than two feet taller than Wolfson. When Edey — who is listed at 7-foot-4 — began to answer Wolfson’s first question, the camera zoomed in on him. As that happened, Wolfson was barely visible on the screen. Ian Eagle couldn’t help but joke about it at the end, saying, “Tracy, we just ordered you a ladder.”

Viewers couldn’t help but make similar humorous observations about the immense height difference.

Going forward, these interviews might be best done at the scorer’s table, or a place where Edey can lean or sit back on. But while that may be better for those involved in the interview, the entertainment value for the viewers is hard to beat.

[Photo Credit: TBS]

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