After her interview with Zach Edey featured some awkward camera shots due to the height difference, Tracy Wolfson got herself a ladder. Photo Credit: TBS Photo Credit: TBS

Tracy Wolfson learned from history and thus, was not doomed to repeat it.

After Purdue beat Alabama in Saturday’s first semifinal, the 5-foot-2 Wolfson interviewed Zach Edey, Purdue’s 7-foot-4 center. The more than two-foot height difference between the two created a funny visual, especially when the camera focused on Edey, essentially taking Wolfson entirely off of the screen. Following the interview, Ian Eagle joked that they ordered Wolfson a ladder — a joke that was taken to heart.

Because after UConn defeated Alabama in the day’s second game, Wolfson went to interview Huskies coach Dan Hurley and the 7-foot-2 Donovan Clingan. This time, though, she had a stepladder. On the ladder, Wolfson was actually standing taller than Hurley. And while Clingan was still noticeably taller, the gap was not nearly as glaring.

The interview with Edey generated a lot of jokes. Again, viewers didn’t struggle to find the humor. More than one comment was about Wolfson looking taller than Hurley.

[Photo Credit: TBS]

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