If you are a writer or blogger in the world of college athletics, it is only a matter of time before you accidentally spell “SEC” as “SEX” in a post or tweet.

Usually, writers are able to catch that error in time. For Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones, it appears that not only did he not catch his typo on Wednesday but he also left it up long enough for the college basketball world to have a field day with it.

Jones tweeted innocently about what will happen if the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team wins their Wednesday evening game. However, he swapped out the -C at the end of SEC for an -X, a subtle but very significant change to the context of the tweet.

“If Kentucky wins tonight, Cats are locked into the 3 seed in the SEX Tournament,” wrote Jones. “That means the late game on Friday night.”

Instead of hastily realizing his typo, Jones appears to have either not noticed or decided it was worth the engagement. And boy did he ever get some engagement as college football media folks and fans had a field day with it.

Is it childish? Absolutely. But if we can’t all make dumb jokes when someone accidentally tweets “Sex Tournament,” what are we even doing here?

[Matt Jones]

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