Jay Bilas ESPN’s Jay Bilas speaks during ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ broadcast ahead of No. 4 Tennessee’s basketball game against No. 10 Texas at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. Kns Ut Basketball College Gameday

There’s been a lot of talk lately about college basketball court stormings. A few that have ensued lately have resulted in injuries to the actual players. One such incident involved Duke’s Kyle Filipowski, who sustained an injury during a storming after a Wake Forest upset of the Blue Devils. Albeit temporary, there was much discussion over the incident in the aftermath.

Last week, ESPN’s Jay Bilas entered the fray with a thought: To arrest kids who participate in court storming. The former Duke star alluded to consequences preventing further actions as the rationale behind it.

Not surprisingly, others flamed Bilas for the take, suggesting it was over the line.

Another slate of college basketball is in full swing on Saturday. Among those playing are the Loyola Chicago Ramblers. You might remember them or, at least, you might remember Sister Jean. She became an avatar for the program during the Ramblers’ memorable 2018 run to the Final Four. Someone recorded a video of her being assisted onto the court in her wheelchair.

That prompted one online comedian to joke that she was storming the court. The user mentioned Jay Bilas and joked that she should be sent to Alcatraz, riffing on the ESPN analyst’s previous comments.

Bilas decided to poke fun at himself and the situation with a humorous post.

Among the ways to respond to the situation, this was among the best of them. There’s never anything wrong with making fun of yourself or what you’ve said.

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