College sports recruiting site 247sports broke a barrier Monday when the site announced a new hire.

247Sports Vice President of Content and Executive Producer Adam Stanco announced on his Twitter/X account that the site would be hiring Anna Adams to its national team, making Adams the first woman to ever be part of a national football recruiting team.

As Stanco notes, Adams has covered Clemson athletics for the site, and Stanco praised her “knowledge, sourcing, and passion.”

Adams confirmed the news and announced she would be covering Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina prospects. She added that she’s “stoked for this opportunity and to join the best team in the industry.”

The transition should be smooth and simple for Adams, who already has a strong familiarity with the areas she’ll be covering. She is a North Carolina native and now lives in Charlotte.

Adams has been with 247Sports since 2018.

It feels jarring in 2024 to see headlines touting the first woman to be hired to a position but it’s obviously a huge deal in an industry like college sports recruiting, which is dominated by males both in terms of readership and employees.

Plenty of colleagues, both from 247Sports and other sites within the industry, sent well wishes to Adams Monday, congratulating her on the new position.

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