Greg Gumbel

Greg Gumbel is known as one of the smoothest studio hosts in the business, but some college basketball fans found him a bit too smooth Sunday during the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Selection Show on CBS.

Just a couple of minutes into the show, after Gumbel announced the Alabama Crimson Tide as the No. 1 overall seed, he mentioned Alabama star Brandon Miller, who was discovered to have delivered the gun used in a fatal shooting allegedly committed by teammate Darius Miles and another man in January.

But Gumbel didn’t exactly address the situation directly. Instead, he awkwardly tiptoed around it.

“(Alabama) sidestepped a situation, involving criminal activity in which Brandon Miller was associated,” Gumbel said, appearing to choose his words carefully. “He was not charged, they are here as the No. 1 overall seed.”

Miles, a former Alabama player, and a friend were indicted on capital murder charges in the case. Police investigated Miller’s role and he faces no charges.

It seems as though Miller’s situation had to be mentioned, but did Gumbel gloss it over too quickly? Should the studio crew have dealt with it later?

Basketball fans on social media immediately seized on Gumbel’s mention of Miller.

It was certainly a jarring way to start the selection show. And it’s perhaps a sign of what’s to come throughout the tournament as broadcasters grapple with how to address the situation.

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