Charles Davis dubs himself 'most boring person that anyone has ever met' (Credit: NFL on CBS)

Ian Eagle is perhaps the most entertaining play-by-play announcer across all sports, but his partner, Charles Davis, doesn’t feel the same about himself.

Eagle and Davis were on the call for the New York Giants-Phialdelphia game in Week 18, and it may be a while before you hear from the duo again, as Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will be on the call for CBS’ lone wild card game this upcoming weekend.

Eagle, also the voice of the Final Four for CBS, did an ad read for two of San Diego State’s upcoming matchups — San José State and New Mexico — which will appear on CBS Sports Network and Parount Plus on Tuesday and Saturday, respectively. That’s when Davis riffed about the Lobos and head coach Richard Pinto, the son of St. John’s head coach, Rick Pitino.

That led Eagle to question Davis about what he does in his downtime, asking if he reads everything known to man. It was a 17-point game with three minutes in the final regular game of the season for the duo, so perhaps whatever Davis does in his spare time is a bit more exciting than an NFC East blowout.

“I’ve gotta tell ya, Ian — I’m the most boring person that anyone has ever met in their life,” he said.

Eagle pressed Davis, asking his partner if he studies college basketball coaches just in case it comes up at a party.

“You know, stuff comes up, and I want to be that guy,” added Davis. “I want to be the guy — when they have a question about it, I am their lifeline, Okay? Because I got nothing else.

There was an awkward silence in the booth before the CBS cameras panned to Davis and Eagle. After a brief pause, Eagle earnestly said that Charles had referred to himself as “The most boring man in America.”

“It’s not even close,” Davis said. “Everyone else is playing for second; no doubt about it.”

Well, there you have it.

This exchange perfectly captures the dynamic between Eagle and Davis. Eagle, the exuberant entertainer, and Davis, the self-deprecating analyst. When we hear from Eagle and Davis next, maybe the latter can provide more information on mid-major college basketball head coaches.

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